Misaki 6th Anniv. & New Year Special Promotion! Dec’20~Jan’21


As 2020 draws to a close, Misaki would like to thank all our guests who have supported us through this extraordinary year. To mark our 6th Anniversary, we have prepared a traditional Japanese dish that celebrates the passing of a challenging year: 年越しそば Toshikoshi Soba.

But first, let’s introduce the amazing appetiser!

Misaki 6th Anniversary Special – Appetiser Course

Taking centre stage, we have the Amaebi (Sweet Shrimp) topped with Caviar and Fresh Uni (Sea Urchin), on a bed of Negitoro and Ikura (Minced Tuna with Spring Onion; Salmon Roe): this is surely a combination that will light up your tastebuds! Pair off with the Puchina Salada (Crystal Ice Plant Salad) — the uniquely succulent crunch of African ice plant provides a cool, refreshing counterpoint to richer umami flavours.

Another unusual creation this month is the Umaki, Japanese eel wrapped in yakitamago, a special twist on the homely fare of grilled egg omelette. Round off the appetiser with Hamachi Sashimi (Yellowtail), Tako-su (Vinegared Octopus), Pirikara Konnyaku (Spicy Konjac), and finally, a side dish of Kuromame, Kuri Kanroni and Tazukuri (Black Beans, Sweet Chestnuts and Candied Sardines).

That’s a lot to work through! Wash it down with a complimentary glass of fine Sake, served warm or cold at your choice.

Misaki 6th Anniversary Special – Toshikoshi Soba

Toshikoshi soba (年越し蕎麦) […] is Japanese traditional noodle bowl dish eaten on New Year’s Eve. This custom lets go of hardship of the year…

Wikipedia: Toshikoshi Soba

The highlight of our 6th Anniversary Special is Toshikoshi Soba. This traditional dish, made with buckwheat noodles, inherits its symbolism from the resilience of the buckwheat plant, which can survive severe conditions as it grows. Yet, soba noodles are easily cut with chopsticks, which represents the passing of difficult times.

The soba is served with Ebi, Oba and Satsumaimo Tempura (Prawn, Perilla Leaf and Sweet Potato Deep-Fried in Batter), and topped off with Okaka (Fragrant Bonito Flakes), Kizami Nori (Crispy Seaweed), Nagaimo (Japanese Mountain Yam), and finally, Onsen Tamago (Poached Hot Spring Egg).

Please pour the broth, which is served separately, boldly into the bowl and enjoy the comforting warmth of this seasonal creation.

~Dec 2020 to Jan 2021~
Available lunch and dinner at $78++ per pax
15% off with purchases of 2 sets or more.
Top up $12 to enjoy 1-for-1 Orion Beer.

Zensai ~ Appetizer
Amaebi, Caviar, Uni, Negitoro & Ikura Sushi
Sweet Shrimp,
Caviar, Fresh Sea Urchin,
Minced Tuna w/ Spring Onion, and
Salmon Roe

Puchina Salada
African Crystal Ice Plant Salad

Japanese Eel Wrapped in
Grilled Egg Omelette

Hamachi Sashimi

Vinegared Octopus

Pirikara Konnyaku
Spicy Konjac

Kuromame, Kuri Kanroni & Tazukuri
Black Beans, Sweet Chestnuts and Candied Sardines

Japanese Rice Wine
(served hot or cold)

Misaki Tokubetsu Toshikoshi Soba
Misaki’s Special New Year’s Soba

~ with ~

Ebi, Oba and Satsumaimo Tempura
Prawn, Perilla Leaf & Sweet Potato
Deep-Fried in Batter

Okaka, Kizami Nori, Nagaimo & Onsen Tamago
Bonito Flakes, Crispy Seaweed,
Japanese Mountain Yam and
Poached Hot Spring Egg

Selection of Ice Cream