Monthly Special ~Fumizuki Gozen~ July 2022

Appetizer: Komochi Ika, Nagaimo Age, Inari Maki Sarada
Served with Sashimi: Hirame, Isaki Aburi

Thank you to our many guests who have supported us wholeheartedly during our grand reopening! Misaki is proud to resume our Monthly Specials – starting with July’s Fumizuki Gozen!

Our appetizer consists of Komochi Ika (Pregnant Spear Squid), Nagaimo Age (Deep-Fried Grated Mountain Yam), and Inari Maki Sarada (Japanese Beancurd Rolls with Wasabi Dressing).

For the sashimi course, please look forward to Hirame (Flounder), as well as Isaki Aburi (Seared Three-striped Chicken Grunt) served with a tangy ponzu dip.

Anago Tempura & Onsen-Tamago Sauce

For our side dish, dig into a whole serving of Anago Tempura (Deep-Fried Conger Eel in Batter), which pairs well with a dipping sauce based on Onsen-Tamago Tentsuyu (Tempura Dip with Hot Spring Egg)

To top it off, we have Hamachi Arani Dashi Chazuke (Simmered Yellowtail in Sweet Soy Sauce & Rice with Dashi Broth). The sweet, rich arani sauce has a pleasant contrast with the lighter, palate-cleansing flavour of the ochazuke broth. For extra oomph, leave some of the seaweed toppings to go with the rice.


Available lunch and dinner
at $88++ per pax

Zensai ~ Appetizer
Komochi Ika
Pregnant Spear Squid

Nagaimo Age
Deep-Fried Grated Mountain Yam

Inari Maki Sarada
Japanese Beancurd Rolls
with Wasabi Dressing

Otsukuri ~ Seasonal Sashimi

Isaki Aburi
Seared Three-striped Chicken Grunt
Served with ponzu dip

Side Dish
Anago Tempura With Onsen-Tamago Tentsuyu
Deep-Fried Conger Eel in Batter
Served with Tempura Dip with Hot Spring Egg

Hamachi Arani Dashi Chazuke
Simmered Yellowtail in Sweet Soy Sauce
Served with Rice and Dashi Broth

Selection of Ice Cream