Monthly Special – April 2021 🌸

Zuwai Kani Tempura | tenkasu batter · delicately suspended · springtime sakura

Valued guests — spring is upon us, as we present Misaki’s Monthly Set for April. This month’s highlights are Zuwai Kani (Snow Crab) Tempura and Hotate Nori Soba. Read on to find out more!

While king crab is a regular favourite at Misaki, this month’s special rendition is anything but regular. Garnished with a scattering of tenkasu tempura batter, Zuwai Kani Tempura conjures images of Japanese springtime, with sakura branches swaying in the breeze. The snow crab is deep-fried in fluffy tempura batter, and served with dipping sauce made with an unconventional pairing of traditional tentsuyu light soy sauce and silky-smooth onsen egg.

Hotate Nori Soba

Simple and refreshing, Hotate Nori Soba features braised scallop braised in rich broth, served atop a cool bed of soba noodles mixed in nori seaweed paste. The result is a balanced dish that brings together the bold flavour of dark soy sauce, against a backdrop of subdued umami flavours.

Available lunch and dinner at $78++ per pax

Zensai ~ Appetizer
Ankimo (Steamed Monkfish Liver with Ponzu Sauce)
Kombu Kurage Su (Kombu Seaweed & Jellyfish in Vinegar)
Pirikara Konnyaku (Spicy Japanese Yam Jelly)

Otsukuri ~ Seasonal Sashimi
Himedai (King Snapper)
Shima Aji (Striped Jack)

Zuwai Kani Tempura
Snow Crab Leg Deep-fried in Breadcrumb Batter
Served with Soft-boiled Egg Steeped in Light Soy Sauce

Main Course
Hotate Nori Soba
Buckwhat Noodles in Seaweed Paste
Topped with Braised Scallop

Dango Mochi
Selection of Ice Cream