Monthly Special – September 2020

Dear guests, Misaki is glad to introduce the Monthly Special for September. This month, we have prepared a slightly more detailed write-up (the menu is summarized below).

As usual, please reserve early to avoid disappointment!

We begin with the sashimi course, which consists of Hirame (flounder) and Shiromi Shirofuri, which is white fish prepared in the shirofuri method. This involves blanching the fish then quickly immersing it in icy water, which whitens its surface and results in a ‘snowy’ appearance. The dish is served with a light wasabi dressing.

The zensai (appetiser) is rounded out with Lobster Salad, Hotate Konbu (Japanese scallop with kelp cocktail), and Tofu Salad with savoury dressing.

Next, we have Beef Tsutsumi Yaki, marinated shimeji mushroom in a grilled beef wrap, a fragrant and surprisingly sweet combination. This is balances delicately on Bei-Nasu Panko Age – deep-fried eggplant with a fluffy breadcrumb batter. Its crispy exterior and succulent core yields a firm, satisfying bite.

For the next highlight, we have Hamachi Arani – a deceptively simple dish made from Japanese amberjack thoroughly stewed in soy sauce and vegetables. The result is a broth bursting with intense umami flavour, while the fish practically melts in your mouth!

To complement the rich flavours, enjoy it with Tempura Chazuke – prawn and vegetable fritters on a bed of rice, served with a clear, lightly-seasoned soup. You can choose to drizzle some of the arani broth for a heartier flavour, or stir in the soup with some fragrant seaweed, which serves well to lighten up the palate.

Top your meal off with your choice of ice-cream, and a special discount on Orion Beer!

Available lunch and dinner at $78++ per pax
15% off with purchases of 2 sets or more.
Top up $12 to enjoy 1-for-1 Orion Beer.

Monthly Special – September

Zensai ~ Appetizer
Lobster Salad
Hotate Konbu (Japanese Scallop & Kelp)
Tofu Salad

Otsukuri ~ Seasonal Sashimi
Hirame (Flounder)
Shiromi Shirofumi (Blanched White Fish)

Beef Tsutsumi Yaki
Shimeji Mushroom in Grilled Beef Wrap

Bei-Nasu Panko Age
Deep-Fried Eggplant in Breadcrumb Batter

Hamachi Arani
Slow-Cooked Japanese Amberjack
in Soy Sauce

Tempura Chazuke
Prawn and Pepper Fritters
Served with Rice and Light Soup